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Are You Shpongled? CD Album

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Release Date: 01/10/1998

Discs: 1

After making the epic “…day turned to night”, track for the Eclipse album follows a whole album of this incredibly creative project – SHPONGLE – welcome to the weird world of Shpongle, where organic harmonies and melodies blend with the most cutting edge digital effects and modern production to bring you the kind of sonic sensations that will leave you seriously Shpongled! This surely is one of the albums of all time, groundbreaking, perimeter pushing edge of reality stuff that has made it an international classic, selling over 20,000 worldwide so far and still selling as well as the day it came out. With the shelf life of a Californian Redwood these hyper-futuristic fusions may well be held in time forever.

1. Shpongle Falls
2. Monster Hit
3. Vapour Rumours
4. Shpongle Spores
5. Behind Closed Eyelids
6. Divine Moments Of Truth
7. ...And The Day Turned To Night