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Release Date: 02/09/2013

After 15 years and 7 albums, Even Tundra is the album Benji Vaughan always wanted to make. Up until now he has hidden behind various guises (such as Younger Brother and the Zap ) and done much of his work with the Godfathers of Psychedelic Electronica – Si Posford and Raja Ram.

With Even Tundra the time came to remove the mask and avoid taking shelter in any particular scene or genre. He describes making the album as ‘ like making a folk record – just me, my sound lab and an emotion or atmosphere I wanted to hear – not a dance floor I wanted to fill.’

The result is unique sound collage filled with understated sound manipulation and melodies that should be heard from end to end to fully appreciate.

The project will also feature a video for every track on the album which Benji has also produced himself , and contain some incredible visual techniques. The video for first single ‘Even Tundra for example is quite simply astonishing. It looks like CGI when in fact Benji uses industrial magnets and metallic fluid to create his other worldly effects. Unlike most music videos where the videos are a 3rd parties view of the music in this case the visual aspect really is an extension of Benji’s vision.

Ursa Major 5:50 Bundle only
Everything In Colour 5:51 Bundle only
Even Tundra 5:04 Bundle only
Itch Crackle And Pop 5:56 Bundle only
Busy Busy Bee 5:38 Bundle only
Pyramid 5:29 Bundle only
Foot Steps In Silicon 6:07 Bundle only
Bird Song 5:23 Bundle only
Black Box 4:44 Bundle only
Nectar 3:19 Bundle only
Catherine Wheel 5:00 Bundle only